Keep Your Clients Informed And Your Business Running Smoothly!

Start with an entire framework to get you going. Maintain the opportunity to change, build, and create all that you desire. Use technology to operate with clear oversight.

The best part is that it costs much less than having a team, operates 24/7, says and does exactly as you want every time, and is a fraction of the price of an employee.

We build you a site. We get you compliant with A2P. We setup workflows and automate processes. Yeah, we are what some call dorks. To others, it's efficient and cost saving.

Get your business in a box and see how you benefit!

We save you literally tens of thousands of dollars each year in operational costs. We ensure that you have a solid grounding to grow from. We ensure and even provide online training that you can consistently refer back to for a solid grasp on all the tools at your disposal.

Communicate Easily On All Channels When You Want!

Your days of spending hours notifying clients and staff are over. Imagine one place where you can send and receive requests from all common channels. No more logging in to 20 places when you want to get a full perspective or communicate.

What We Really Do:


We someone first starts with us we start from the ground up. We first acquire a domain, unless you have one you'd like to use. We then create a logo, again unless you have one. Next is picking up a phone number and ensuring A2P acceptance. We then create your website, forms, calendar, and initial workflows. We look to complete this process in 10-15 days. This is a truly operational business that you can manage from wherever.

Online Training

When you first start you will be invited to Head Start Biz Academy to watch videos and learn exactly how your system operates. We will continue to add helpful videos through time. We strongly advise going through this training before your personal 1 hour training and development meeting purchased when you enrolled.

One on One Development

We provide an initial hour when you first sign up and are getting used to your new system. We are always happy to help you develop your process further and offer sessions that can be purchased and scheduled.

Further Customization Projects

Maybe you are the type of person that just wants things done. We are happy to discuss your project and custom develop it for a negotiated price. This system is expansive and once you get going, you will start to see the possibilities in automation and much more.

An Employee For Less

Use technology to save on expenses and focus on growth:

Think about all the repetitive tasks in your business. Maybe it is sending a reminder to the client for an appointment. Maybe it is a notice to an employee to complete a task. Maybe it's texting a client and keeping them informed of where they are in their process.

Workflows allow us to automate redundant tasks. We help you utilize your time on the thing that matters most for your business, sales. We provide all the tools to run effective marketing campaigns. The best part is that the system always wants to learn more and do as you ask.

Run Your Business On The Go

We provide an app that you can easily download on your phone. Login and get access to your communication and more. Some aspects, like funnel development can only be operated on a computer, but normal day to day action can easily happen. Text, email, create/edit/move opportunities, see all contacts, and much more all on the go.

Skip The Brain Damage

Starting a new business is an exciting time. Cutting down on expenses for existing business owners also brings the same joy. We ask that you avoid the headaches. Ask yourself a few questions:

Do you know what it takes to have a website live?

Do you know how to automate processes for your business?

Do you know about setting up phones for your business?

Do you know about building websites?

Do you know how ai to help you come up social media posts?

Do you know how you will manage all our client's information?

We work to eliminate these pain points by setting you up with an initial framework to get started in short order. We provide training for you to add and grow as you wish. A website alone costs what we charge for annual membership and worth every penny.

The One-Stop-Shop For Running Your Business.

We give you all the tools that you need to be successful in the backend operations of your business. We help you streamline processes. We leave you will a framework and training to comfortable get started and easily control your business. We make ourselves available for appointments to help you expand your automation and ease your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Head Start CRM works hard to provide a solid base to your system to get you started. In time, you will want to do more and create more. We provide you the platform for it and are happy to provide one on one coaching and build sessions. Here are some common things that come up:

What do I do first?

After signing up for an account, allow us just a few days to prepare the system for you and import any existing client data. When ready we will send you through our video tutorial training online. Going through these videos first helps give you direction to start.

Why aren't my texts sending?

We do advise during onboarding the risks of sending messages to non-consenting parties. In some cases, numbers obtained will still pass through A2P compliance and never work. In this case, we will replace clients with a new number at no cost.

What if I want to make a change?

You are welcome to make any changes that you want. It is your system! We work to provide the initial framework to ensure you can function easily. We encourage adding, building, and/or changing as much as you'd like and offer one on one coaching sessions too.

Why do I have additional fees?

Many people choose to run text campaigns, use ai, mass email, purchase helpful software, record calls, and much more. There are a lot of "optional" features. We do provide a $50 credit each month for traditional fees like sms and email.

What can I really do with my system?

The possibilities are truly endless. Imagine a world where you can control the entire backend of your business ... all from one location, your computer. A system that automatically sends reminders, get paid, post on social, advertise, track calls, maintain data, and more...

Why doesn't "this" work?

We promise that we will never intentionally shut you down in any process. Your account will be blocked if non-payment. There is usually a logical reason. We ask you reach out through the contact page. If necessary, we will require a paid appointment to resolve.

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